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A few quotes from the review: "The quality of these magazines are second to none". "This is the smoothest magazine I have ever felt for an Impact". "This is different level".

Check out the review:


"The new STUD loader makes loading the Impact’s high capacity rotary magazine fast and easy. It’s even faster and easier when combined with the corresponding STUD Feeder.

The solid plastic construction of STUD loaders and feeders looks to be highly durable. There’s also nothing to go wrong.

By comparison, loading Impact magazines by hand looks like a chore.

STUD loaders and feeders are going to be an essential item of equipment for anyone shooting Speed Silhouette competition with an Impact in future!"

Check out the review:

Hard Air Magazine Review on STUD LOADING SYSTEMS

Just wanted to give you feedback about the new mags. I already posted in AGN about my experience with the .25 and .30. What a phenomenal products. The new mags are BY FAR, HANDS DOWN, THE best magazine I have ever used. I used it this weekend at our local airgun club and already a Roger N. and William (Bill) S. said they have ordered some. Travis A., Terry C. and Danny M. I expect to soon be placing orders as well. 
I will keep spreading the word. Thanks for making such great products!.

Steve F. from Florida

These mag loaders are awesome, I can't believe how easy and quick they work, I load 4 magazines and load 4 Stud mag loaders, that's 8 magazines X 23, that's 184 shots ready to go in a couple minutes, great job on these, Thanks!!!!!!!

Michael P. from Connecticut

I just tried my .22 cal. mag loader for my Dreamline for the first time today. All I can say is - WOW! After a couple of practice runs, I was loading all four of the mag loaders in a couple of minutes. I had a couple of times when a pellet or two would hang up in the feeder. That was mostly solved by setting the Mag Feeder and paired loader on a flat surface and give the feeder a couple of sharp raps with a finger. I also have a short piece of 1/8" aluminum welding rod that I use to encourage any recalcitrant pellets. Prior to the Stud Mag Loaders, I purchased I Speed Dial loader. While the Speed Dial is a clever design, I find it slower to load than the Dreamline magazine. In addition, the Speed Dial is fiddlier to load and much easier to get a pellet loaded in backwards. Transferring the pellets from the loader to the magazine is much simpler too. Even though the Stud requires an extra step it is still easier and quicker than the Speedial

Dave T. from Florida

Hats off to your company, they work exactly as advertised
I just received my Stud Mag Loaders in both .22 and .25 calibers. The shaker works well and all the pellets loaded correctly. Transferring these pellets to a storage tray was exceptionally easy. And finally, loading from the storage tray to the FX Magazine was flawless. It's such a pleasure to get an item that works exactly as it is advertised. The only draw back is that it's so easy to load the magazine, verses loading each pellet one at a time, is that I'm shooting a lot more pellets in a short time. Thanks for a great product

James C. from Florida

The STUD 40 round magazine in .22 caliber - "I have been testing this big mag for a couple of weeks now, with one of my favorite air rifles, the FX Maverick Compact (perfect for pest control and hunting with my setting it gives me about 80 shots!). The Stud mag works great, no problems at all, 40 shots in .22 perfect for slugs (did not test long ones so far) and Pellets, zero jams and the indexing is great, you know exactly how many pellets you have left. The only "negative' is the size looks, but is the only negative, since it doesn't interfere with the shooting at all, for me a total keeper.

Eduardo S. from Florida

I’ve been meaning to contact you about the Stud Loaders & Feeder package that I bought not too long ago, probably around a month +/- , for my .25 caliber FX Impact MkII. I’d seen other devices and almost bought one but found yours about that time. The others were helpful to a degree but they all required you to individually put pellets in the loaders, which I wasn’t happy about. So, when I found yours I decided to try it even though I was skeptical. After getting your package and trying it out I simply have to wonder why no one else thought of this! Amazing, What a time saver! I’ll definitely buy another package when I buy a .30 or .35 caliber not too long from now. Thanks and I hope you sell many thousands of these!

Gary G. from New Mexico

I just got my .30 caliber STUD loading system today. If you guys haven't picked these up I definitely recommend them, especially in the smaller calibers. The 30's are pretty easy to load since they're so huge but it's going to be awesome having these in my pocket when I am out hunting.
On the 22's these things are a godsend, they're so easy to load and make reloading a breeze. I can't say enough about these things, specially for the cost of one magazine. I have nothing to do with the company just really impressed with how well these work and how easy they are to load.

Justin F. from Michigan

I received my loaders today (Saturday 6 Feb.).  Just a note to say these should be made compulsory for anyone who owns a FX MK2 Impact.
They are over the moon and amazing, so simple but it saves so much time....thanks!
As soon as our range opens after lockdown, I shall push them as I know several lads with Impacts and MK3 Wildcats.
Thanks again for the speedy and great service. 

Alan D. from the United Kingdom

I received my speed loaders along with a feeder today. I got to admit I was a bit skeptical about the feeder. Once I tried it.... WOW!!! Works perfectly! I'm one very happy customer. What a great product!

Jason M. from Indiana

I have been playing with the .22 system. What a slick product! Thanks for bringing it to airgun owners!

Ray S. from Alaska

I have arthritis in my hands and filling a magazine one pellet at a time is a cumbersome process.  After reading Doug’s post on the Stud Mag loader and visiting the website, I decided to give it a try. It was promptly shipped and well packaged. The bright yellow Stud Feeder and Stud Mag loader for the .22 FX Impact have very clean lines with no burrs or imperfections.  All of the fits are perfect and it works just as described in the web site video.  If you are interested in fast, you will love this system. Even with old arthritic hands and not even trying to be in a hurry I can fill the feeder then transfer to the loader in about 30 seconds.  To fill the feeder, then the loader and then the mag takes about one minute.   Good product, glad I made this purchase.

Kimball G. from Florida

They are without a doubt the easiest way to load a mag while in the woods or wherever you are shooting. I have them for my FX Dreamline in .22 and intend to get them for my FX Maverick IN .25. 
The customer service is second to none!

Ron L. from Oklahoma

Stud Mag Loader for a Maverick .25 works like a charm. Could not be any easier to use. Will be my go to loader! 
In addition, I just got my feeder in for the .25 Maverick loader. Re-loading is no longer an issue or time consuming period. The best re-loading system out there.

David H. from North Carolina

The whole system works great and is fun to use. I was pouring shaking and bam! all done loading the mags and the loaders.

Bryan C.  from Washington

I received my Stud mag loader in the mail today. It works perfectly with my FX Crown magazine. Both pellets and slugs fit perfectly. The design of it makes it fool proof. It only fits the magazine one way. A quick turn counter clockwise allows the cover to be removed to load your mag. This also makes it safe to carry in your pocket without spilling your ammo. I’m no engineer, but I can’t think of any ways I would improve it. It works great.

Nickolas L. from Pennsylvania

The lid design is perfect. I have another brand of loader, and I almost immediately preferred your design on the lid. I am wanting a 22 barrel for my Wildcat, and I will definitely order a loader from you for it when I do.

Billy L. from Arkansas

Received the .25 for use with my WC MKIII. Impressed with how well this works for not only loading my mag but also to unload the mag to switch from pellets to slugs quickly. Real handy addition to the hunting bag. Great product and quality.

Larry C. from Indiana

I got mine in.30 caliber Wildcat.
Works awesome when out and have to reload for the next shot and cheaper then buying another magazine.

Brett F. from Utah

Just finally got my Stud Mag Loader. I like it a lot, I have been keeping it full so I have a quick reload when I need to eliminate some pests in the yard. Makes it quick and easy.

Ryley C. from Utah

I Just tried out the .25 cal loader on my FX Wildcat mk3 magazine and it worked perfectly! The fit, finish and alignment to the magazines are perfect. Very solid design and I will be ordering more.

John K. from New Jersey

I really like mine! They work really fast and precise so no fumbling like the others! The others you have to individually insert the pellets. With this unit you add a hand full of pellets, swirl to get pellets in holes, add cover, flip and all done! You can save for later or fill your magazine in seconds!!

Albert L. from New Mexico

I received my Stud Mag Loader in 25 caliber. It worked just like the video shows, maybe even easier. With my fat fingers this has helped me tremendously. When the .30 caliber system for the Impact is available, put me down for one. Thanks again for a product that works as shown.
Don Strength

Don S. from Georgia

I love it! You have the fastest system on the market. Not having to handle individual pellets is a huge plus. I’m also able to use the STUD Loader to fill up the other speed loaders I already have. You’ve hit a home run with this product.

Gary S. from Upstate New York

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