Fits: FX Crown, Dreamline, Maverick and Wildcat MkIII models

  • .177 and ,22 Pellet versions feed pellets up to 9.2mm (.365) in length
  • .22 Slug only version feed slugs up to 12mm (.472") in length and 40gr in weight.
  • NOTE: Slug version WILL NOT feed pellets of any type, style or size. SLUGS ONLY!
  • 40 round capacity
  • Visual "Shots Remaining" indicator
  • Belt feed, pellet/slug conveying system
  • Coil spring, internal drive system
  • Dual gears ride on (2) class 2RS, sealed roller bearings
  • (2) Retention Viton o-rings, fitted in to formed pockets in cover 

STUD 40 Round Mag (Slug or Pellet versions): Maverick/Dreamline/Crown/WCMK3l

$119.99 Regular Price
$99.99Sale Price
  • Our STUD magazines are specifically engineered to feed slugs or slugs (version dependent) really well. Because of our taller slug/pellet retention our magazines will run your rounds much better than the factory mags. In addition, the ability to easily increase the belt pressure will keep the heaviest slugs from non-feeds.

    In the ,22 caliber version, we offer 2 varations of the magazine. A pellet version and a slug version. The pellet version will feed pellets up to 9.2mm in length and the slug version will feed slugs up to 12mm in length.

    The slug version is specifically designed to feed the large 40gr slugs for suppliers such as ZAN, Patriot etc. These large slugs are the ones that will not fit into the FX factory magazines.

    NOTE: The slug version WILL NOT feed pellets of any type, size or size. It will feed SLUGS ONLY.

  • If you have a Dreamline or Crown with the "forward" magazine position, be sure your scope turret is not directly centered with the rifle magazine opening.

    If this is the case, the scope turret can/will interfere with the ability to slide the magazine fully into position. 

    You will need to either slide the scope forward or backward a little or possible install taller scope risers. 

    Be sure to give this a check before placing your order.