STUD, DTM Loading System allows direct to magazine sorting and loading into factory FX Impact magazines.

This will Fit: FX Impact MK2,3 - .177, .22 , .25 x 25 Rds Magazines (select caliber)

  • System elminates the need to hand load any pellets into FX Magazine (except staking pellet)
  • Designed to sort and load JSB and FX Diabolo Pellets into the FX Factory Magazines (select caliber)
  • This WILL NOT sort JSB DIABOLO EXACT MONSTER 25.39g (these are a larger diameter than a standard pellet)
  • This WILL NOT sort Slugs.
  • Fits Impact MK2,3

STUD, DTM (Direct to Mag) Loading System, .177, .22, 25 x 25 Rds,

$99.99 Regular Price
$79.99Sale Price
  • The STUD DTM Loader is another great way to get your pellets into your FX Factory magazines in about 35 seconds (see the video). While our Stud Feeder/Loaders are great if you want to load allot of pellets into one or more STUD Loaders, the STUD DTM Loader is great for direct loading of individual FX factory magazines. 

    How It Works:

    1. Stake your first pellet into your magazine as usual.
    2. Pour your pellets into the feeder area of the DTM Loader and swirl.  All the pellets will position themselves perfectly, heads down in the loader. 
    3. Load your FX magazine (with staked pellet) onto the back of the DTM Loader.
    4. Rotate the DTM loader elevator ring. All your pellets will slide directly into your FX magazine. (Note! sometimes a little tap on a table etc. is needed to get all the pellets to drop into the magazine)
    5. Remove the FX magazine from the rear of the DTM loader, reinstall your FX magazine's lid and you are ready to shoot. 

    Note! The .25 caliber is ONLY available for the new FX 25 round magazine. We do not supply them for the old 28 round Magazine.