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Continental USA Orders: Free shipping on Orders over $50.00.

International Orders: Shipping charges will be added to order at calculated United States Postal Service rates.

International Customers Please NoteImporting countries often charge additional customs, duties and tariff fees which will need to be paid by the customer upon receipt to your country. Please consult your Customs Office before placing a order so you have a idea of what these additional charges may be when you receive the order.

All Customers Please Note - The Stud Feeding system is designed and guaranteed to sort JSB Diabolo pellets ONLY. This is due to the precise tolerances and sizing differences from one manufacturer to another. Other pellets may also work with the STUD feeder system if they are the same head and skirt size as a JSB Diabolo. If you would like a custom sized feeder for a different pellet manufacturer, please contact us and we can quote you a custom sized one for you.

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