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Complete Magazine and Loading System - (1) Magazine, (1) Stud Feeder and (4) Stud Mag Loaders


  • System elminates the need to hand load any pellets into Stud Mag Loaders
  • Designed to sort and stage Diabolo Pellets
  • The magazine will NOT properly stage pellets (in the STUD Pocket) with oversized diameters, such as JSB DIABOLO EXACT MONSTER 25.39g etc. STUD Magazines are designed for standard diameter pellets/slugs only.
  • The magazine WILL NOT feed really short slugs like 25g Zans. These slugs do not have enough of the slug main diameter, to feed correctly
  • STUD FEEDER WILL NOT sort JSB DIABOLO EXACT MONSTER 25.39g (these are a larger diameter than a standard pellet)
  • The FEEDER will NOT sort slugs or "Flat Top" style Pellets
  •  Magazines will feed pellets or slugs up to 13mm (.512") in length.
  • The magazine will NOT feed "Flat top" pellets. Only Diabolo style pellets or slugs can be used in the magazine.


  • Fits the STUD Loader/Feeder system for automatic pellet loading. 
  • Visual "Shots Remaining" indicator
  • Magnetic Lid, no twisting of knobs like factory magazine
  • Large internally driven, custom wound coil spring (no adjustments required)
  • Rotor rides on (1) class 2RS, roller bearing, allowing glass smooth feeding of rounds.
  • Works for both right or left hand shooters. 
  • Fits FX Panthera, Dynamic and King models

STUD Mag/Feeder/Loaders Bundle - Panthera, Dynamic, King

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