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  •  .22, 25 or .30caliber version, will feed pellets or slugs up to 13mm (.512") in length.
  • If using pellets in the magazine, do not use any type of "pin style" probe with a reduced front diameter. Damage to the pellet skirts will occur as the mag cycles. Any type of probe is acceptable when using slugs.
  • The magazine will not feed "Flat top" pellets. Only Diabolo style pellets or slugs can be used in the magazine.
  • The magazine will not properly stage pellets (in the STUD Pocket) with oversized diameters, such as JSB DIABOLO EXACT MONSTER 25.39g etc. STUD Magazines are designed for standard diameter pellets/slugs only.
  • The magazine will not feed really short slugs like 25g Zans. These slugs do not have enough of the slug main diameter to feed correctly.
  • Fits the STUD Loader/Feeder system for automatic pellet loading. 
  • Visual "Shots Remaining" indicator
  • Magnetic Lid, no twisting of knobs like factory magazine
  • Large internally driven, custom wound coil spring (no adjustments required)
  • Rotor rides on (1) class 2RS, roller bearing, allowing glass smooth feeding of rounds.

STUD Magazine for - FX Panthera, Dynamic, King in 22, .25 or .30

  • The STUD magazine that fits the FX Panthera,  Dynamic is not just a standard Maverick/Dreamline etc. magazine with a taller lid fitted onto the top of it like the FX Magazines.

    This magazine was specifically designed to stage, index and feed heavy slugs (and pellets) into the Panthera/ Dynamic in a truly superb fashion. Its center rotor is about 2mm taller than the competition and reaches up very close to the inside of the lid. This allows excellent contact and indexing of slugs up to 13mm in length.

    This magazine, like our Impact and Maverick mags, has a center rotor that rides on very precise roller bearing allowing friction free rotation. When the magazine indexes, you will feel the immediate staging of the round into the "STUD Pocket".

    The STUD pocket is in the position commonly known as the "staking position". What makes the STUD Pocket unique is it causes the round to be shot next, to be held in a highly accurate position which precisely aligns with the center of the magazine, and of course the Panthera barrel.

    Just look at any other non-STUD magazine with the round in the staking position, and then compare it with the STUD magazine. You will see and feel the difference as you advance the slug into the barrel.


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