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   (1) STUD Magazine - .177, .22, .25, .30 or .35 caliber versions, will feed pellets or slugs up to     12mm (.472") in length.

  • If using pellets in the magazine, do not use any type of "pin style" probe with a reduced front diameter. Damage to the pellet skirts will occur as the mag cycles. Any type of probe is acceptable when using slugs.
  • The STUD magazine will not fit any STUD DTM shipped prior to 8/30/22.  (see "Important Ordering Information" section)
  • The magazine will not feed "Flat top" pellets. Only Diabolo style pellets or slugs can be used in the magazine.
  • Visual "Shots Remaining" indicator
  • Magnetic Lid, no twisting of knobs like factory magazine
  • Large internally driven, custom wound coil spring (no adjustments required)
  • Rotor rides on (1) class 2RS, roller bearing, allowing glass smooth feeding of rounds.
  • Works for both right or left hand shooters. 
  • (1) STUD Feeder, (4) Stud Loaders: Elminates the need to hand load any pellets into Stud Mag Loaders
  • Designed to sort and stage JSB Diabolo and FX Pellets. Maximum Pellet Length - .425" (10.8mm)
  • This will not sort .22 JSB DIABOLO EXACT MONSTER 25.39g (these are a larger diameter than a standard pellet)
  • The FEEDER WILL NOT sort Slugs 

STUD Mag/Feeder/Loaders Bundle for - FX Impact MK2,3

$189.98 Regular Price
$169.98Sale Price
  • 1) Existing owners of STUD Loaders/Feeders for the FX Impact:

    In most calibers we manufacture several different round counts of STUD Loaders/Feeders and DTM's. This is because FX has made several changes to their Impact mag round counts recently. For example, the .25 factory mag is/was made in 23, 25 and 28 rounds.

    We have standardized on the round counts for our new magazines that we know works best for you. You need to understand that the round counts of the STUD "factory replacement" magazines may not match your existing STUD Loader/Feeder system. If you still want the "automatic" benefits of the STUD loading System, you will need to order a STUD Bundle that matches our magazine round counts.

    The caliber/round counts for the new STUD Magazines are: .177 x 34 rounds, .22 x 28 rounds, .25 x 25 rounds, .30 x 21 rounds and .35 x 18 rounds.

    2) Existing owners of STUD DTM's for the FX Impact:

    The new STUD magazines will not fit the old DTM's (shipped before 9/1/22) because of the new magazine's lid system has features that will interfere with fitting the mag to the old DTM's. You can ship your old DTM to STUD for a no charge modification (we mill out a clearance area next the locating pin). Contact STUD for further information.

    You can also order a new DTM which have been changes to accept both the new STUD magazines and the FX factory magazines.

    Now the fun stuff:

    3) They work with Slugs and Pellets (even the heavy ones):

    These new STUD mags have a much taller center rotor, stronger drive spring and additional clearance that allows them to drive slugs up to 12mm (.472') in length. The factory magazines will not feed these large rounds because the (slug) length interferes with lid etc. They also are typically not powerful enough to reliably rotate the center rotors.

    As the STUD magazines were specifically designed to fit and feed these larger rounds, they index correctly, and you can count on the magazine to do its job.

    4) We have a nice "remaining rounds" indicator:

    The STUD lid is not a clear solid piece like the factory mags. The STUD magazine has holes placed over each round position clearly showing the rounds remaining in the magazine.

    We produce the rotor with a colored circle on the "stop lug" that is easily seen by the shooter as the mag advances.

    We have also "cut-out" the center of the lid, which exposes the rotating STUD logo (as your cycle the mag. the logo spins). Why did we do this.... simple, it looks cool.

    5) Main Rotor, ball bearing drive system:

    The STUD magazine features a class 2RS ball bearing. This bearing allows very stable and precise movement and positioning of the rounds. This is in contrast to the factory mag that only uses inexpensive plastic to plastic surfaces that allow the rotor to bind, wobble and be generally unreliable at times.

    6) Easy On/Off Lid:

    The STUD magazine features a slick lid that easily comes off and on. The lid is held on with ((2) pairs) of powerful, neodymium magnets. These magnets are positioned by the locating pin and interlocking uprights (the same points we use to interface to the STUD loading systems).

    When you get the lid anywhere near the locating features of the mag base, the lid basically sucks itself to the base. These magnets are strong enough to allow you to turn the mag lid down with it full of heavy slugs and the lid stays on (and the rounds stay in).

    Note: The lid is designed to retain the slugs/pellets with normal handling of the magazine. If you drop the mag or really manhandle the magazine, the lid can come off. The design is a compromise for easy on/off and decent retention vs a knobs you twist that will hold the lid better. 

    This lid design was a specific request from several of our customers that have a hard time rotating that center lock on the FX factory magazines. Taking the lid off a factory mag can be a real problem if you have gloves on or if you have any finger issues.

    The STUD magazine eliminates these problems completely.

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