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Fits: SKOUT Epoch

  • .177, .22, .25 or 30 caliber versions, will feed pellets or slugs up to 14mm (.550") in length.
  • The magazine will not feed "Flat top" pellets. Only Diabolo style pellets or slugs can be used in the magazine.
  • The magazine will not properly stage pellets (in the STUD Pocket) with oversized diameters, such as SOME JSB DIABOLO EXACT MONSTER Pellets. STUD Magazines are designed for standard diameter pellets/slugs only.
  • Fits the STUD Loader/Feeder system for automatic pellet loading.
  • Existing customer note: These mags can be loaded with your existing STUD FX Impact Feeder/Loader System if you have one (assuming same round counts). 
  • This magazine will not any STUD DTM shipped prior to 8/30/22.  (see "Important Ordering Information" section)
  • Visual "Shots Remaining" indicator
  • Magnetic Lid, no twisting of knobs like factory magazine
  • Large internally driven, custom wound coil spring (no adjustments required)
  • Rotor rides on (1) class 2RS, roller bearing, allowing glass smooth feeding of rounds.
  • Works for both right or left hand shooters. 

STUD Magazine for - SKOUT Epoch

  • The new STUD Mags for the SKOUT Epoch - Key Features

    1) The STUD "Pocket":

    Unlike the factory magazine, the STUD magazine positions the round precisely into the center barrel. This is because the final "shooting" position of the magazine has geometry that removes the "slop" from the pellet/slug and centers it really well. Put a pellet into SKOUT factory magazine and look at how much the round is NOT CENTERED with the hole. Try the same thing with the STUD magazine and you will see it perfectly alinged with the lid hole.

    2) These new STUD SKOUT Epoch mags have a rotor with a stop:

    We also use a stronger drive spring to drive pellets and slugs up to 14mm (.550) in length. We do not include a spare spring as it is not required. Unlike the factory magazine, our rotors are factory sealed with the correct spring tension to feed any that will fit into it.

    As the STUD magazines were specifically designed to fit and feed these larger rounds, they index correctly, and you can count on the magazine to do its job.

    3) We have a nice "remaining rounds" indicator:

    The STUD lid is not a solid piece like the factory mags. The STUD magazine has holes placed over each round position clearly showing the rounds remaining in the magazine.

    We produce the rotor with a colored circle on the "stop lug" that is easily seen by the shooter as the mag advances.

    We have also "cut-out" the center of the lid, which exposes the rotating STUD logo (as your cycle the mag. the logo spins). Why did we do this.... simple, it looks cool.

    4) Main Rotor, ball bearing drive system:

    The STUD magazine features a class 2RS ball bearing. This bearing allows very stable and precise movement and positioning of the rounds. This is in contrast to the factory mag that only metal on metal that can allow the rotor to bind, wobble and be generally unreliable at times.

    4) Easy On/Off Lid:

    The STUD magazine features a slick lid that easily comes off and on. The lid is held on with ((2) pairs) of powerful, neodymium magnets. These magnets are positioned by the locating pin and interlocking uprights (the same points we use to interface to the STUD loading systems).

    When you get the lid anywhere near the locating features of the mag base, the lid basically sucks itself to the base. These magnets are strong enough to allow you to turn the mag lid down with it full of heavy slugs and the lid stays on (and the rounds stay in).

    Note: The lid is designed to retain the slugs/pellets with normal handling of the magazine. If you drop the mag or really manhandle the magazine, the lid can come off. The design is a compromise for easy on/off and decent retention.

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