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Complete Loading System - (1) Stud Feeder and (4) Stud Mag Loaders

This will Fit: FX Dreamline, Maverick, Crown, WCMK3, Panthera, Dynamic and King

  • System elminates the need to hand load any pellets into Stud Mag Loaders
  • Designed to sort and stage Diabolo StylePellets
  • STUD FEEDER WILL NOT sort JSB DIABOLO EXACT MONSTER 25.39g (these are a larger diameter than a standard pellet)
  • The FEEDER will NOT sort slugs or "Flat Top" style Pellets

STUD Feeder/Loaders Bundle - Maverick/Dreamline/Crown/WC/Panthera/Dynamic/King

$129.99 Regular Price
$99.99Sale Price
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