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The STUD 2-AXIS Ultrapod, is a precision elevating and side to side motion device, that allows the bench rest shooter the ultimate in 2-axis, point of impact point control. It is an easy to stow device, that replaces "squeeze bags" and fixed rear stock adjustment devices etc.

  • Important Note, 2 handed operation - When rotating the elevating and side to side adjustment rings, in most cases you will need to lightly hold onto the base momentarily with your other hand as to not have the base rotate. Some customers actually use one hand to both hold the base and also rotate the ring when its in its lower positions. The reason for this is the unit is less than 1lb and depending on the wight of the stock it may not be enough to stop the base from rotating. Please be sure before ordering that a potential 2 hand operation is OK for your style of shooting.
  • Adjusting Height - By rotating the elevating ring, the Monopod can extend/retract to the desired position with excellent precision and after shot repeatability. No more constant resetting of "squeeze bags etc." that need to be completly reset after each shot.
  • As the elevating ring is rotated, the platform features an integrated steel roller bearing. This reduces the scope's side to side "wobble" commonly seen with "jack screw" type devices.
  • Ultrapod Vertical Travel -  The fully retracted stock position height is 46mm (1.8"). The fully extended stock position height is 95mm (3.75"). The total Ultrapod travel is 49mm (1.9")
  • Ultrapod Side to Side Travel - Total side to side movement is 19mm (.75"). The motion is controled by the rotation of the "star" shaped rotating ring. Please see video selection in the images for a full operation description.
  • The Ultrapod rests on (3) rubber feet that resists slipping. In addition, there are (3) stainless steel leveling screws that allow leveling on irregular, soft surfaces such as wood etc.
  • Bubble Level - Integrated on the Monopod lower case, is a bubble level that when zeroed, orients the top stock platform to a flat position with the horizon. What this means is if the rear stock moves across the top of the platform, it has a minimal effect on the vertical, point of impact.
  • The Stock Platform - The stock platform features (2) vertical walls with seperate TPE (flex material) "bumpers". These bumpers are designed so that they can be removed and or rotated to create different widths to somewhat "box in" the sides of the stock. These bumpers have  a 1mm wall on one side, and a 2mm side on the other. Removing and or flipping them, creates the best width for your stock. The width can be adjusted from 33mm (no bumpers) to 29mm (2mm bumper sides facing in). It is not necessary that the bumpers actually trap your stock on both sides, they are there to eliminate excessive rotation of the platform when operating the elevating ring.
  • Ultrapod Dimensions - (closed) 52mm (2.0") tall x 130mm (5.10") diameter. Weight - 271g (9.5oz)
  • Optional Ultrapod Removable Riser - NOTE: It is rare that this riser is required, it can be ordered seperatly at any time if needed. This riser will add 38mm (1.5") to the height and is used with tall bipods etc. It is installed by removing the (2) bumpers and placing it on top. It is retained on the Ultrapod with magnets while in use.
  • Optional Ultrapod "V" Stock Adapter - This "V" adapter sits on top of the Ultrapod (or riser) and allows "wood" type stocks among others to be used with the Ultrapod. It's is made out of a thremoplastic elsatomer which is flexible and will not mar or damage wood stock finishes. It links to the Ultrapod system with a N52 magnet assembly for a solid fit.
  • Ultrapod Materials - Main Housing, Base, Sleeve and Platform: Engineering Grade Thermoplastics. Hardware - Stainless Steel.
  • The "Ultrapod" mark is Trademark Pending, with the USPTO
  • The Ultrapod is Patent Pending (design patent), with the USPTO
  • The Ultrapod was designed primilary for airgun use. However, it can be also used for .22LR Rimfire rounds (such as .22LR competition use). 
  • The Ultrapod is manufactured of high performmance polymer with internal metal components. As such, it must not be stored in direct sun or any situation where it could be exposed to temperatures over 180 degrees F.

STUD 2-AXIS Ultrapod, Adjustable Rear Shooting Rest - Continental USA Only

  • Currently, the STUD Monopod only ships to Continental USA customers. Orders places outside this region will be canceled and refunded.

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